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Need Help Growing A Real Beard?!

Regal Beard Lotion is an amazing new product guaranteed to help you grow a beard in just two months, 

even if you currently have no facial hair

                            Before using Regal Beard Lotion and After

Do You Feel Like All The Bearded Men Get To Have All The Fun?

Now you can finally see for yourself by using Regal Beard lotion which is guaranteed to grow you a real beard in six months, with visible results after a couple of months.

This Product Actually Works

Get Six Months Supply Right Now, and apply twice a day to get permanent results. Can be used longer to grow even more facial hair.

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Before/After Photos

Do you feel like getting a beard will make you look better and more mature? 

Do you feel that women and people in general will take you more seriously?

It is indeed a fact that in today’s world, a beard has become a real status symbol. Facial hair has become a requirement for most women in their partner, people with facial hair get more attention at work, and in the world in modelling which drives all our desires, you are 300 percent more likely to find work if you have a beard.

This news does not come as a shock to people struggling to grow facial hair, I myself have noticed from the young age that people with facial hair get to have more fun. Unfortunately, before there was nothing you could do.

That is, until now, Regal Beard Lotion will finally let you get the facial hair you always wanted. With it, people at work will begin to take you more seriously, women in your life will respond different, it will be like living a new, better, hairier life!

Hundreds of people have already experienced the unique benefits of Regal Beard Lotion, and the quicker you start using it, the quicker you will also see the results.

How It Works

Many people believe that the hair they can see is all the hair they will ever have. However, this is not true as facial hair goes through a life-cycle timed by genes. This cycle can vary from a few months to several years and begins when a new dermal papilla is formed at the base of the follicle. The dermal papilla is the blood supply that nourishes the hair. Regal Beard works by increasing this blood supply (dermal papilla), consequently waking up dormant facial hair, and making current facial hair grow faster.

The beginning stage of facial hair growth is called the early Anagen phase. As the hair grows and becomes stronger, it continues into the later Anagen phase. At this stage the hair is at its strongest point and the most difficult to permanently destroy. Regal Beard lotion also indefinitely increases and improves the Anagen phase.

The next phase of the hair growth cycle is called the Catagen phase. During this phase the hair begins to detach itself from the dermal papilla. As a result it is losing nourishment, but continues to be slightly nourished by the surrounding capillaries. When the hair completely detaches from the shrinking dermal papilla and no longer receives nourishment from surrounding capillaries the hair enters the Telogen phase. The hair is simply being held in the follicle which has also shrunken during the process. These hairs naturally shed and fall out with combing or friction. Because all hair have slightly different phase lengths, they do not all fall out or grow at the same time.

To use Regal Beard, apply one mL measured using the dropper directly onto the beard and where you want the beard to grow twice daily, in the morning and in the evening.

Customer Reviews

After trying various oils and beard products, I finally stumbled upon a product which works. I’ve used Regal Beard for 7 months, and my beard is much bigger.


I was very hesitant about trying Regal Beard lotion. I am of an Asian descent, and none of my bloodline male member have been able to grow a beard, just a bit of a goatee (like me). After a couple of months of use, tiny hairs started popping up all over. After about 5-6 months many of them began turning really black and getting strong. Now I have a nice beard which I hope will thicken even more with use. Great product, highly recommended.


This product really works, although be aware, you will have some body hair growth as well. I’ve used it for 8 months, and new hair keeps appearing even now. Overall, a great product.


After 10 weeks of using minoxidil and following this schedule I am getting solid results and I have had zero side effects from using Regal Beard. My mustache has also finally connected with my cheek hair! Keep bearding!!


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3 Month Supply

With daily Regal Beard lotion use, at the end of three months you will be able to see a fair amount of new hair growth all over your facial area, and some will start to turn terminal (permanent).

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6 Month Supply

With daily Regal Beard lotion use, at the end of six months you will be able to see a large amount of new hair growth all over your facial area, and most will turn terminal (permanent).

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